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JASPER COUNTY Including the City of Bay Springs, Heidleburg, and Montrose

Service Provided By: Arrow Disposal Service Incorporated

Services Offered: Residential Garbage Collection

Waste Types Accepted: Household Garbage Only

Container Type: 95 Gallon Roll Cart

Service Frequency: Once per week pickup (MONDAY - FRIDAY)

Place carts curbside by 6:30am on your scheduled collection day

Place additional tied bags, 35 pounds or less, on top of or beside the cart

For Billing questions, or to purchase an additional container, please contact the Jasper County
Solid Waste Office

For general service questions, please contact ADSI directly at (866) 440-3983 (Toll Free)
Jasper County
Contact our corporate office
Monday through Friday, 8AM - 5PM
Toll Free 866-440-3983
Make payments to
Jasper County