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Local Governments are facing many tough challenges in today?s economy. One major issue that?s consistently on the minds of our leader?s involves identifying the most efficient and effective method for managing their solid waste programs. As anti-tax pressures and the demand for better services strain local government budgets, pressure to reduce costs and improve service is leading elected officials to turn waste management programs over to the private sector. Research by the National Solid Waste Management Association confirms that the private sector can provide solid waste services in the most efficient, cost effective, and environmentally safe manner.


Save Money

Research shows that by privatizing solid waste operations, municipalities typically save between 20% and 45% on their total cost for waste disposal.

  1. Local governments are required to provide their citizens with many different services, ranging from police and fire protection, to roads and sewer, to parks and recreation. It?s difficult to deliver an affordable solution for so many different programs without compromising quality of service. That?s where we step in. Privately run companies are able to focus their efforts exclusively on solid waste collection and can take advantage of economies of scale that aren?t available to their governmental partners. This generally leads to a lower cost of services which can then be passed along to the taxpayer.

Garbage cans are expensive. Garbage trucks are really expensive. Both have to be maintained and periodically replaced. Many government entities can?t or would rather not have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in the purchase of new equipment to support their solid waste programs.

By introducing competition, and freeing operations from bureaucratic rules, private companies are able to offer quality service equal to if not better than the public sector.

Competitive management techniques give private companies greater flexibility in hiring specialized employees, utilizing temporary labor, streamlining administration, providing billing and collections services, and greater access to emerging technologies.

Garbage collection is a high risk occupation. Accidents come with the territory. By privatizing these services, the government is able to place the responsibility for general liability, auto liability, workers compensation, and environmental compliance onto the contractor. Most solid waste contracts are also bonded to protect the Government from inadequate service.

Challenges for Municipal run Solid Waste Programs

  • Rising / Unpredictable Fuel Costs
  • Aging Fleet and Equipment
  • High Employee Absenteeism / TO
  • Long term Debt / Financial Burden
  • High Administration Costs
  • Excessive Payroll / Overtime
  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • Uncontrollable Insurance Premiums
  • Lack of Sustained Profitability

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