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?The customer service that our citizens receive is nothing short of phenomenal.?

Chris Lafferty - County Administrator, Lauderdale County MS

?The price of garbage collection is important but service is the difference between happy citizens and angry phone calls. The only calls you will receive if ADSI is providing your service will be compliments.?

Steve Rosenthal - Mayor, City of Indianola MS

?They have been providing us with excellent service and have given us no cause for complain in the past 7 years. Their sincerity and dedication in providing us with a great service has in turn gained popularity for us among our customers?

Johnny Rowell - Chairman, Jasper County Board of Supervisors

?ADSI personnel have been extremely helpful to Carroll County?s Sanitation Clerk and have maintained frequent contact to ensure that the daily collection service runs smoothly. Carroll County is a very rural County and ADSI has made it a priority to become familiar with the many off-the-beaten-path areas which has helped with timely trash pickup?

Stanley Mullins - Carroll County Chancery Clerk & Board Clerk

?Scott County managed County garbage collection for many years and has found the contract with ADSI to be much more convenient. Scott County would recommend ADSI for services in other Counties?

Jackie Bradford - President, Scott County Board of Supervisors

?If you ever want to see what hard work looks like, wake up early and watch the Arrow employees dumping trash cans???click here?to read the full news story.

The Enterprise-Tocsin - Editor