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The Residential helper position is a physically demanding job. Helpers are required to pick up waste materials and load them into collection vehicles on pre-determined routes. This may be performed manually or by placing containers on vehicle-mounted tippers. Helpers are required to lift and carry trash bags, bulk items, debris, and containers to the truck for disposal. Helpers operate the packing mechanism that compacts waste into the vehicle. The position is typically required to exert physical effort in handling objects up to 50 pounds on a regular basis; and in excess of 50 pounds on an occasional basis, as a part of the normal workday. This physically strenuous position involves mounting and dismounting the truck up to 1000 times every shift. The level of physical effort may vary from project location to project location and in some cases be greater or lesser than documented here.

1. Ensures solid waste, yard debris, bulk waste, and/or recyclables are picked up and transferred properly from each residence to the collection vehicle; pick up may be required from back door at some locations.
2. Gather bagged or containerized waste from locations along route and load into truck.
3. Gather and load loose, bundled, or stacked yard debris into collection vehicles.
4. Gather and load bulk items that may weigh in excess of 100 pounds with assistance.
5. Gather recycling materials and place into recycling bins on vehicles.
6. Operates tipper devices attached to the rear of vehicles, which raise and empties refuse containers into an opening in enclosed truck body.
7. Operate packing mechanism that compacts waste into the vehicle.
8. Ensure the tippers and sweep blade is free from debris and operating properly.
9. Assists the driver in unloading and cleaning garbage truck.
10. Performs a variety of manual duties in the clean-up of scattered refuse.
11. Conduct operations in a safe manner and in accordance with Arrow’s safety programs. Attends regularly scheduled safety training sessions.
12. Conducts himself/herself in a business-like fashion, extending courtesy and politeness to customers, municipal agents, and company personnel. Presents himself/herself at all times as clean and with clean attire and proper grooming so as to foster the proper image of Arrow.
13. Follow safe operating practices and comply at all times with the rules, regulations, and laws of all Federal, State, Local authorities and other regulatory agencies having jurisdiction
14. May require weekend and/or holiday work. Work hours will vary by route.
15. Other minor duties may be assigned and may vary by location


Loads residential refuse from curbside and/or backdoor locations into collection vehicles. May ride on the outside of the truck while servicing residential customers in low MPH areas. This position will require you to work in all weather extremes including wide temperature and weather variations such as heat, cold, snow, rain, wind; noise and vibrations, fumes, odors and dust. May be occasionally exposed to physical occupational risks (such as cuts, burns, exposure to chemicals, etc).


    • • Exhibit normal range of body motion
    • • Manipulate heavy equipment control levers
    • • Ability to perform pushing, pulling, bending, lifting of 50 pounds throughout the shift with or without reasonable accommodations.
    • • Ability to climb into and out of a truck repeatedly.
    • • Comply with Arrow’s Drug Free Workplace policy.
    • • Required to use motor coordination with finger dexterity (such as machine operation) throughout the work day.
    • • Ability to follow a designated refuse collection route or work schedule;
    • • Understand and carry out oral and written instructions;
    • Must be able to speak and read English well enough to communicate with customers, co-workers, dispatch and super visors, understand highway and traffic signals, be able to make legible entries on paperwork, and complete daily assignments.